Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My life as a doggerel

This is a "project" I've been contemplating for a while now.

I'm going to attempt to document the next year of my life -- my 40th -- in verse.  One a day.  

Currently, the plan is for limericks.  But I make no promises.  There may be haiku.  

So here it is, the night of my 40th birthday.  Installment #1:

Once you're 40 they say you're in "Act Two."
In Scene 1 of mine I found out that you
Should not celebrate
With a toddler (irate)
At a restaurant you want to go back to.


Chris Adamson said...

Best of luck with this.
A haiku would be novel.
Maybe a sonnet.

maggie said...

love this!


This is brilliant--and so are some of the ones you've done thus far! keep it up.

Oh, and admit it: My birthday haiku inspired you. (Hey, that rhymed, too. OMG. Again! Woo hoo hoo!)