Friday, February 8, 2008

Malt Vinegar

Okay, I warned you that not all posts here come straight from the "profound" pile (okay, actually maybe none of them has, now that I think about it)... but here's the thing, and I'm going to give you the short version:

Malt vinegar is really good on french fries.  

The British have known this for ages (as have I, as my Mother is British).  So, if you knew this (or if you're British), you may stop reading now.  Thanks for letting me waste your time.

I only publish this because my wife -- who has been alive for over three decades -- only just learned this the other day.  

How did I not tell her this?  It's been ten years since we first met.  I'm fairly certain that's thousands of french fry opportunities I -- and therefore she -- squandered.  I feel so negligent.

So, I'm taking it upon myself (you can thank me later) to spread the word.  

You know, just in case.


Emeline said...


You are highly right: malt vinegar tastes good on French fries! I am French, in addition I enjoy the British culture, that is why it is absolutely delicious to mix the Fish&Chip Vinegar made in Crosse&Blackwell with French fries! It is necessary to spread this truth!

Anonymous said...

Now try drowning them in mayo.

-The Dutch