Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dell Breaks Your Laptop, Sends Replacement Full Of Pubes

"Reader K's call to Dell tech support for his laptop resulted in the tech helping him break a different computer, then sending him a replacement laptop full of human pubic hair. After diagnosing a faulty power adapter with K's laptop, the Dell technician asked him to plug the malfunctioning adapter into his other, out-of-warranty Dell to confirm the problem. K was reluctant, but complied, and fried his old laptop in the process. To their credit, Dell offered a replacement; unfortunately, it had a full bush."

Other theories I have include the laptop reaching puberty and the laptop being used sort of appropriately (on someone's lap) and sort of not (they were naked at the time).

Full story here.

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Hilarious! Why is it that pubes always equal instant humor? Ahhh, pubes. XO